Onan RV Generators
Onan Sales and Service, Three Lakes, WI Authorized warranty service, and sales dealer for Onan RV, Home Standby, and Commercial Mobile Generators. We offer Onan's complete line of RV, Residential and Commercial generators.
The majority of our business with Onan is for Off-Grid generator installations and RV generator parts, sales and service. Onan's commercial mobile generators are a reliable solution for off-grid power when using an air cooled generator. When using an Onan for off the grid use you will still have a full manufacturer warranty. Most manufacturer's void their warranty when a generator is used in an off-grid installation. Onan generators will also run at a lower RPM allowing it to run quieter and longer. The only disadvantage with using an Onan generator is that they need to be insalled in a shed, on a stand, with proper ventilation. Shed installations are not always cost effective or feasible for all customers. For a stand alone system that can remain outdoors, we would recommend a Kohler 8.5RES or a Generac EcoGen. These are both reliable alternatives.
Onan Residential Generators
Onan Air Cooled 13KW and 20KW Generators

Onan Air Cooled Spec Sheets
Onan RS13 13KW
Onan RS20 20KW
Onan Liquid Cooled Generators
Onan Liquid Cooled Spec Sheets
Onan RS20 20KW
Onan RS30 30KW
Onan RS50 50KW

Onan residential generators are available with either 100A or 200A whole house transfer switches. Specs sheets for these are:
With Service Disconnect or Without Service Disconnect